The starting point for patient care. This is where we start the paperwork and get the HIPAA and liability forms signed. patient forms end up in this station by the end of the visit. The volunteers of this station keep track of the records along with prescription and lab requests.
Team Leader: Donna Riddle


The second station for our patients. Trained volunteers take vitals, patient history, allergies and assess patient need. Blood glucose counts are also available at this station.
Team Leader: Karen Adkins RN


This is where the patient has a chance to talk to a doctor, nurse practitioner or a physician assistant. The patient is accompanied by medical aide to assist with documentation and refer patients to other avenues of care at OM or with our allies.
Team Leader: Dr. Bruce Harrow


At this station, the patient gathers information on supplemental care for recovery. Patients that prefer alternative care has a chance to access these resources with a team trained to advise for potential interactions.
Team Leaders: Tree Knowlton and Sue Sierralupe

Wound Care

This station is designed for wound care just as the name implies. Although this is nurse lead, doctors work with this station as the situation requires. Foot care is also offered at this station.
Team Leader: Donna Grant RN

Support Services

This team provides support with counseling, problem solving and access to community allies. This team integrates with every other team as the patient desires.
Team Leader: Debra Harrow OT


This station was founded after the need for basic nutrition for hungry patients became clear. Hospitality also offers free hygiene supplies, socks, condoms, and warm clothing. For some of our patients, this is the first warm meal that they have had in days.
Team Leader: Jen McCall


Security volunteers keep the peace at Occupy Medical. They are in charge of crowd control and maintaining a calm, healing environment for all. They work in conjunction with the Support Services team.
Team Leader: Martin Champion

IT/Web Wizards

Our internet technicians manage the website and our email list. They are tech savvy and help by keeping communication clear and respectful.
Team Leader: Terra Williams