Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (BoD)is made up of volunteers, most of whom have regular clinic contact. Our Board is responsible to keeping the long term vision of our organization in check, evaluating our finances, making plans for future and evaluating our process towards our goal of proving that Healthcare is a Human Right. Our Board is made up of the following positions:

*President of the Board – Provides oversight of board decisions. Team leaders report to the Board with all significant decisions requiring approval from the majority of Board members which must include either the Board President or the Board Vice President if the Board President is unavailable. Key duties include assuring adherence to policies and rules, fundraising and board/team leader supervision. Voting member.

Vice President of the Board –  Provides support for duties of the President. Stands in for Board President when/if they are indisposed, unable or unfit for office. Voting member.

*Treasurer – Supervises financial records, files tax records, sends financial records with the Board. Voting member.

*Secretary – Provides a written record of Board meeting minutes. Voting member.

At-Large Board Members – Represents key clinical volunteer positions. Offers clear information concerning their team to the Board in accordance with the Occupy Medical mission. Voting members.

Current Occupy Medical Board members


Current Occupy Medical Board members

Interim President/Vice President – Donna Grant RN – Donna is a Registered Nurse who joined us in 2012. As an Occupy Medical pioneer, she has trained many nurses and nursing students to work with the vulnerable population we serve. She developed our wound care team and stepped in as our Vice President in 2014. She is currently serving as interim Board President.

Secretary – Debra Harrow (Sue Sierralupe assisting) – Debra Harrow has 35 years of clinical experience as an occupational therapist in mental health practice, including case management, and has been a member of the Support Service Team of Occupy Medical since 2012. She has served on the OM Board from 2016 to the present. Debra’s previous board experience includes 5 years with the board of the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County and the Green Sangha board from 2010-2012.

Treasurer – David Williams – David Williams has been our trusty Treasurer since 2015. His use of his financial education at LCC proves that local resources help build local needs. He works with OM volunteers to write grants, file tax paperwork, and answer other financial questions.

At Large Board of Directors members-

Terra Williams – Terra joined Occupy Medical in 2013 and quickly made herself indispensable. Terra has labored long hours as a community activist, IT specialist, volunteer coordinator, intake specialist and hospitality volunteer. Terra serves as and Egan Warming Center volunteer, the Secretary for Board of Directors at Nightingale Public Advocacy Collective and Volunteer Coordinator, and as a member of Board of Directors at Occupy Medical since 2015.

Sue Sierralupe – Sue is one of Occupy Medical’s co-founders, our clinic manager and the treatment team lead. She has served as the Secretary of the Board to Lane County Master Gardener’s Association and served on Occupy Medical’s Board of Directors since 2012 in a variety of roles. She is currently stepping in to assist our Board Secretary Debra Harrow as an interim co-Secretary. Sue’s primary motivation to serve on the Occupy Medical BoD is to promote public health, education and the healthcare for all model.

Donna Riddle – Donna has been  a volunteer with Occupy Medical since October 2011. She is retired but is just as busy as ever volunteering her time as the Intake Team Lead. She has 55 years experience working as a resource developer in community services. She established a community dental clinic and day center for homeless families. She previously served on boards of Head Start and White Bird.Clinic.

Jennifer McCall  – Jen has been a steadfast volunteer since 2012. She currently serves as a OM board member and the long time Hospitality Lead. Jen has 20 years in the Medical field as a X Ray Technologist. She also volunteers with Relay for Life. Past President- Cottage Grove Garden Club. She is a proud supporter of Bohemia Days Festival which is Cottage Grove’s annual history festival. Her hobbies include photography, quilting, and crafting.

Dr. Willy Foster – Dr. William (Willy) Foster is a critical care specialist in Florence, Oregon. He received his medical degree from University of California San Diego School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.  He is the Emergency Department Director at Peacehealth Hospital in Florence, Oregon. Dr. Willy is a consummate volunteer. He works with Volunteers in Medicine,  Doctors without Borders and Rural Oregon Accessible Medicine. He has been volunteering with Occupy Medical since 2014 and works with Dr. Bruce Harrow as our Medical Director. He joined our Board of Directors in 2018.

Pam Garrison RN – When Pam retired from psychiatric nursing at Sacred Heart Hospital, Occupy Medical managed to attract the time and skill base of this experienced activist and nurse. Pam has spearheaded many social justice causes including 350 Eugene and the International Women’s Day March. She joined the Occupy Medical Board of Directors in 2018.

Connor Salisbury – Connor started volunteering with Occupy Medical as a Peacekeeper in 2012. His calm demeanor and finely honed de-escalation skills made him a perfect fit for the job. Connor has also worked as a project manager, a software developer and a game developer which makes him a perfect fit for Occupy Medical’s IT team as well. He joined the Board of Directors in 2018.

Jesse Etter – Jesse Etter was the first to offer his name as a candidate when the Board of Directors decided to bring students onto Board. He has been volunteering with Occupy Medical since 2017 as he balanced his time with his Journalism studies. He has spent many hours in Hospitality and working as a Volunteer Coordinator Assistant.

Brian Chastain – Brian was elected as an at-large board member in 2018. He has been a volunteer with Occupy Medical since July 2017. He is a senior, pre-medical student at the University of Oregon studying General Science  and is currently triage team lead . His career goals are attending OHSU, practicing emergency medicine, and returning as a physician to Occupy Medical after completing his education.


We greet the patient, start the paperwork and get the HIPAA and liability forms signed. The patient chart returns to this station by the end of the visit. The volunteers of this station keep track of the records along with prescription and lab requests.


Trained volunteers take vitals, patient history, allergies and assess patient need. Blood glucose counts are also available at this station.


The patient talks to a doctor, nurse practitioner or a physician assistant, and is accompanied by medical aide to assist with documentation and refer patients to other avenues of care at Occupy Medical, or with our allies.


The patient gathers information on supplemental care for recovery. Patients that prefer alternative herbal care have a chance to access these resources with a team of trained herbalists to advise for potential interactions.

Wound Care

The patient receives care for cuts, sores, foot issues, and other external conditions. This station is staffed with nurses, and doctors work with the nurses when needed.

Award Presentation with about half of our Staff present to accept

Support Services

Patient receives support with counseling, problem solving and access to community allies. This team integrates with every other team depending on patient needs.


This station was founded when the need for basic nutrition for hungry patients became clear. Hospitality also offers free hygiene supplies, can openers, lotions, flashlights, nail clippers, socks, condoms, warm clothing, and a long list of other items one might need when unhoused or living in extreme poverty. For some of our patients, this is the first warm meal that they have had in days.


Security volunteers keep the peace at Occupy Medical. They are in charge of crowd control and maintaining a calm, healing environment for all. They work in conjunction with the Support Services team.

IT/Web Wizards

Our website, database, and project management software volunteers control the complex systems needed to best manage the communications and collaboration of our volunteers, donors and patients.

Dogs & cats need help too!

Pet Care

“Helping to improve the health and safety for Homeless pets and their people, in the Eugene and Springfield area,” the mobile volunteer organization known as “Hounds and Homeless” recognizes barriers the homeless/houseless community faces when accessing care for their cats and dogs and the group assists where they can by provides food, flea medicines, general supplies, and the occasional vaccination, spay/neuter, and emergent vet service.

Hounds and Homeless usually visit our Sunday clinic around 3pm.

We at Occupy Medical also help by trying to have pet food on hand, repackaged in small portions, and whatever other pet supplies we receive as donations.

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