Hospitality Gets a Face Lift

Sink Aaron

Thanks to a grant from the good people at the Oregon Food Bank, Occupy Medical has a new and improved Hospitality Suite! We had a brand new 3 basin sink, floor mat, food cart, sprayer faucet and prep table installed in December of 2018. Big thanks to Donna Riddle, Jon Sawyer, Aaron Chester, Dr. Willy Foster and Tristan Towers for the hard work of installing and assembling our new supplies!

Out with the Old and In with the New!
Donna and Jon Take Out the Old Sink
Tristan shows off the new faucet brace.

Socks are Good Medicine!

Occupy Medical Bombas Socks

Big thanks to Bombas for their generous donation of 1000 pairs of socks. It has been wonderful to have the chance to practice preventive care for those in need. The socks help us prevent trench foot, frostbite and blisters. The unhoused are on their feet all day. Without good foot care, their suffering is literally crippling.  Occupy Medical will continue to give out socks throughout the year. Below are photos from our first sock donation run. Remember to thank good people at Bombas for their donation!

The incomparable Donna Riddle passes out Bombas Socks to those in need.
Hwy 99 Camp offers safe tent camping for over 100 people.
Christmas includes warm feet thanks to a Bombas Sock Donation
Hundreds of people gather much needed resources at the Lindholm Center. Sue and Donna were able to share Bombas socks to those in need.
Occupy Medical put extra socks in the warming yurt at Opportunity Village
Opportunity Village is a groundbreaking program that offers transitional tiny house options.

Sunday Clinic 3/25/18

37 patients today!!!

Chilly day with a bit of rain. We had a great set-up crew and had about 40 people lined up at noon when we began food, drinks and hygiene supplies service.

We were surprised today by one of our wonderful volunteers who performed a perfect haircut on a visitor. Haircuts are alway very popular!

I finally captured an image of our Burrito Brigade Superhero swooping in with a cooler full of warm, delicious burritos.

We had many folks receive tours today including a Rock Star of the Herbalist Medicine world, a potential Volunteer who is a mental health expert, a grant maker who urged us to apply for funding, and several others.

Homeless Hounds brought joy to all the good dogs and cats, and Carry it Forward dropped off about 10 totes full of nice clothes and shoes.

Super interesting day under the bridge today. Lots of great people visited us, we had an incredible crew of Volunteers, and a huge crowd was successfully served.

The bus (above) packed up and heading for the barn.

Sunday Clinic 3/18/18

Very pleasant day under the bridge. The sun came out about 10am and stayed out.

Our crowd gathered early today and was a good one. Folks just seemed really happy and grateful for a break in the rain.

We served up sandwiches, Burrito Brigade burritos, granola, hard boiled eggs, coffee, juice, and lots of treats. Demand for Hospitality goods was high, and our visitors pretty much cleaned us out of socks, gloves, warm hats, clothes, and most other personal care items.

We had a bit of excitement when two police cars arrived. Someone had stolen a tent from REI and it was reported that the evildoer was amongst us. They poked around a bit and left empty handed. The police were pleasant to all and very professional.

Very big day for medical care today with a grand total of 31 patients served. Cahoots dropped off two patients, one who was seeking our herbal medicine and another who desperately needed foot care.

Our 4 legged visitors were seen by our Homeless Hounds Volunteer. They got new leashes, health exams, water bowls, toys, food, and a whole lot of attention. Our counselor was also very busy with an endless stream of folks wanting to talk.

Great day in the park under the bridge, huge thanks to all our magnificent Volunteers who make it all possible.

The picture above is 3 months after front leg amputation due to a large cancerous growth. This pup was full of life, friendly as could be, and ready to play.

Sunday Clinic 3/11/18

Amazing weather today under the bridge. The sun was out and people were smiling. Dogs were happy. Just beautiful!

Big food service today with sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, coffee, juice, chips, in-shell peanuts, many types of cookies, crackers, and little boxes of fancy chocolates. Thank you Food for Lane County!

The >>Burrito Brigade<< burritos were delicious as always, with a mad scramble for them when they arrived via special courier.

28 patients were seen; enough that one of our Wound Care Team folks was pressed into service with the Triage Team. Many bags and bottles of specifically prescribed Herbal Medicine and vitamins were sent off with grateful folks. Many donations came in from generous people, but more are always needed!

Our Volunteer who does Homeless Hounds stopped by and looked in on the health and happinesss of many dogs today. The dogs generally seemed a lot happier in the sunshine and warmer weather. Another of our Volunteers, who recently received a large grant to specialize in clothing the homeless, dropped off a huge array of clothing and jackets!

Was a bit like a day at the beach, with lots of sunbathing on the periphery of the Clinic. Huge thanks to all of our great Volunteers & Donors who make it all possible!

Best of all? Everything we did today was 100% FREE. The way basic Health Care should be. For EVERYONE. ALWAYS.

Little known secret… The majority of our patients and visitors are from the immediate neighborhood, who are housed, like the Occupy Medical offering, and enjoy recieving our services.

We serve everyone with the exact same professionalism, whether they arrive in a fancy car or pushing a shopping cart with all their worldly possessions.

Sunday Clinic 3/4/18

Nice day under the bridge today. Not much rain, warmer temps, and light winds. 

We had 3 new Volunteers start with us today and they all seemed to have a very good experience. We served 26 patients and provided a lot of food, coffee, personal items, and fun conversation.

Our Homeless Hounds Volunteer helped a lot of dogs and cats, and Carry it Forward had many totes full of clothes for our visitors. Burrito Brigade dropped off a cooler full of warm burritos. So many wonderful people making such a huge difference for folks who would otherwise face a very bleak Sunday. Huge thanks to everyone!!

Sunday Clinic 2/25/18

Another big weather day with lots of rain, some wind, and temps in the 40’s.

Life under the bridge was fairly well protected, and we added one of our big tents for good measure. Not having snow blowing in at a 45 degree angle was nice. We served 18 patients today.

We met lots of interesting people today including a Hero from Occupy Denver who has been tirelessly fighting our totally  corrupt government, and a man who brought donations who does Medical Missions to Cuba.

Lots of wonderful Volunteers made today a raging success with a lot of Great Deeds accomplished! So PROUD to be able to serve the less fortunate with such amazing people!!

Clinic 2/18/18

Very challenging day in the park. It snowed, rained, blew, and generally made things difficult.

We served up food, clothing, someone to listen, Healthcare, compassion, flu shots, and a way to make it through one more day in a country that treats stray dogs better than its citizens who can’t cope for some reason.

Huge thanks to our amazing Volunteers that served others under such difficult conditions. Our final patient count today was 18.

Sunday Clinic 2/11/2018

The day started cold, with a light rain, and a bit windy. We were well prepared, had a great set up crew, and our pre-clinic work went smoothly. Clinic opened right on time at noon, with a lot of folks ready to take advantage of our services.

We had a big need for Healthcare today, with 34 patients. Our doctor was going non-stop all day, and once things got rolling, Wound Care was very busy too. A dog fight added another 2 human patients. One of the owners was bitten on both thumbs, so we patched him up, as well as the bite on his dog.

Large amounts of Herbal Medicine were prescribed and sent away with folks today. We try to give folks Herbal Medicine whenever possible, because it is much safer than pharmaceuticals, and has less side effects. For the unhoused, it is a much safer alternative being as anyone carrying pharmaceutical meds is a target for thieves.

Hospitality fed maybe 50 folks with about 160 sandwiches, Burrito Brigade burritos, and a load of yummy pastries, cakes, and breads dropped off by some wonderful folks during clinic.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, reading glasses, socks, and other items went quickly, as well as a lot of clothes.

A car pulled up around 2pm, and a woman jumped out and donated several sleeping bags, and a huge armload of winter coats. She said her family was moving to Costa Rica soon, so wouldn’t need them anymore. It was a huge deal for many of our visitors who desperately needed warm clothing.

Homeless Hounds came and gave some special attention to a lot of the four legged friends.

BELOW is a work of art one of our unhoused visitors shared with us today. He loves to make and share art, but he said it is hard for him, as his art works often get soaked with rain, or stolen.

It was another great day under the bridge with fantastic volunteers and very grateful patients and visitors!

Occupy Medical serves at Teen Crisis Center

Occupy Medical held a Free Clinic on February 6, 2018 at Looking Glass in Eugene.

An Occupy Medical Team consisting of a Doctor, Herbalist, Intake Specialist, Support Services Specialist, and the OM President of the Board, held a clinic today from 3 PM to 6 PM.

We served 7 patients.

Looking Glass provides comprehensive services to teens in crisis.