Occupy Medical in Need of New Home

Two weeks ago we received notice to cease operations at 509 as White Bird intends to sell the nearly 2,900sqft building on the corner of 13th and Ferry. At this time we do not have a new place to call home and our bus is in the shop for repairs which leaves us with nothing to operate. We are heartbroken by this outcome but have been through difficult times before and will return soon.

“Dear Occupy Medical,
I wanted to reach out to you all to talk about our current plans for the building at 509 E. 13th and update you on the collective’s current needs for that building. We have appreciated the current collaboration with you all, and we value the complimentary services that you have provided to the underserved folks in our community. Thank you for all the good work you have done and continue to do in our community.

Currently the agency is attempting to sell 509, which would give us seed money for a larger capital campaign that will result in our agency being able to increase capacity to serve more of the un/underserved people in our community. We have had 3 offers on the building in the last couple weeks and have decided that White Bird needs to ask Occupy Medical end operations at this building in two weeks from today’s date. (10/6/2017)

I really do love the work that you and your dedicated volunteers do for our area’s most vulnerable individuals and hope that our agencies’ long standing mutual aid relationship can continue into the future. I hope that our efforts to support the work you do has helped you in your mission and look forward to finding more ways that we can collaborate and support each other.
Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns,

Administrative Coordinator
White Bird Clinic”

“Occupy Medical Clinic Closed Sunday” – KEZI article here

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  1. Hi Sue. I hope you guys still exist. I just sent you an email to occmednow at g mail dot com . I asked some questions about your project and I wrote to you a paragraph about Ubuntu Contributionism which is only one project of many I am affiliated with. UC is in general much bigger than creating healthcare projects but that is part of their vision. Their bigger vision is to create a society that replaces societal structures or at least supplements societal structures that care more about profits than people. However, along those goals, there are many many people in the UC Movement interested and wanting to create projects like Occupy Medical.

    I would also like to introduce you to Paul Glover (founder of Ithaca Hours), Dr. Patch Adams, who you may have heard of, and their project in PA. Here is a link to Paul’s webpage on the project: http://www.paulglover.org/1006.html
    Here is a link to a video on YouTube about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Maw4Xg-6RAw .

    Take care,

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