Occupy Medical attends the Tax Justice Rally


— Letter from Tax Justice’s Susan Barnhart


Dear IRS,

I love paying taxes for life affirming things and would be happy to pay even more to ensure free good public education from early intervention through college, free good health care, and a social system that ensured everyone had a home and enough to eat. I would also love paying taxes toward cleaning up our environment, finding solutions to climate change and improving our beautiful national forests and parks.  What I don’t like is how much of our tax dollars go to war and the support of wars and the killing of civilians including innocent children. I don’t want my money to support a system that increases the number of people across the world that hate US citizens.


Over 50% of our taxes support war, the military industrial complex and the interest on our debt from past wars.  The proposed budget will lower the funding of human services and the environment and increase the military budget. I want our country’s priorities to change. I want to help make the USA kind.


I am not willingly paying the taxes I owe since I can’t condone killing people by paying for war. Instead I will redirect the resisted tax dollars to the following local causes; our public radio station, KLCC, Sponsors, an organization providing reentry services for prisoners returning to Lane County, Occupy Medical, Planned Parenthood, Skipping Stones, an internationally known magazine for children promoting peace, social justice and protecting the environment, 350.org, working tirelessly for our future and Community Alliance of Lane County and Latin America Solidarity Committee, both working hard for peace and social justice.


In Peace,

Susan Barnhart

c.c. President trump

Representative Peter DeFazio
Senator Jeff Merkely
Senator Ron Wyden
Planned Parenthood
Occupy Medical
Skipping Stones
Community Alliance of Lane County
Latin America Solidarity Network

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