Frequently Asked Questions

What does Occupy Medical do?
Occupy Medical functions as an integrated medical urgent care unit. We have licensed prescribers working alongside RNs, CNAs, EMTs, mental health workers, herbalists, nutritionists, and a full medical support team to provide whatever care we can with the resources we have.

You have certified doctors and nurses?
That’s correct. We also have room for dental hygienists, body workers and other health specialists to join our team.

Where are you?
We set up in the Park Blocks at 8th and Oak St. in Eugene, Oregon every Sunday between 12-4pm. Look for our big red and white bus.

Do you take appointments?
No, we are a first come, first serve operation. Patients can get their names on the list between 11:45 to 3:30pm. If you want a haircut, get your name on the list as close to 11:45 as possible. We do not put people on our list any earlier than 11:45. We need time to put our clinic together.

The clinic is in a bus?
We are a mobile unit. The Occupy Medical bus used to be a bloodmobile. We also have 3 supplemental tents for intake, haircuts, wound care, foot care, and hospitality.

You have haircuts too?
That’s right. We have been offering haircuts since 2012. It is a service that makes a big difference for the unhoused trying to find work.

How much does a visit cost?
Occupy Medical is offering care in the single payer model. The visits are free. We want to get the public comfortable with the idea that when you need help, you can and should get help. Being a positive role model is, in our experience, the best way to instigate change.

Are all your staff volunteers?
Every blessed one of them.

How do you get supplies?
The community has been very generous. They see the need and with so much medical excess in our system, many business make donations which keep us going.

What other services do you offer?
We are proud of the hospitality tent and their staff. They serve food to between 100-150 people every Sunday. They offer cat and dog food to visitors with pets as well. We give out toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, hand warmers, gloves, hats, combs, lip balm, nail clippers, condoms, diapers, baby wipes, hand sanitizers and other personal care products.

How can I volunteer?
We are so glad you asked. We have a volunteer application on this website. Be advised that we do background checks.

How can I donate?
We love this question. We collect donations both at clinic and at the Unitarian Church at 13th and Chambers. We also accept checks. You can mail them to Occupy Medical PO Box 50354, Eugene, Oregon 97405.

What kind of items do you need donated regularly?
We have a wish list on this website. Our high priority needs always include: socks, vitamins, packaged food or food made in a certified kitchen, hygiene supplies and more socks.

Can you take prescription or expired meds?
No, we can not. Please dispose of them at the sheriff’s department in the appropriate bin. We also can not take tubing, catheters, needles or used wound care items.

I’ve been given a prescription but cannot afford the cost. What are my options?
Vouchers are for patients without insurance who also cannot afford to fill their script.
The patient needs to know how much their med costs. Most of the meds we prescribe are on the $4 list. Albuterol is a common exception.
If a patient has an antibiotic, they should go to Salvation Army to get their voucher. That is the only type of med SA pays for.
Other vouchers may be obtained from FISH, St. Vincent de Paul or Catholic Community Services. The patient tells the agency how much their med costs and the agency gives or phones in the voucher.
There are only 3 pharmacies in town that honor vouchers from FISH, St. Vincent de Paul or Catholic Community Services. Salvation Army sends patients to ShopKo to get their meds. Some agencies have paper vouchers. For some agencies, it is all done over the phone. All the patient has to do is pick up their med now.