For general messages, events, donations, inquiries, etc.. If you wish to volunteer, please use the form on our "Volunteer" page. Please verify your contact information so we are able to reach you.
  • Occupy Medical CANNOT offer medical advice over email. If you have a medical concern, please come to our clinic on Sundays. If it is an emergency, please seek care at Urgent Care or the Emergency Department. Volunteer applications can be found at
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Photo Courtesy of Rob Sydor/Digital Latte

Photo Courtesy of Rob Sydor/Digital Latte

Clinic Manager: Sue Sierralupe
Clinic phone: 541-316-5743

IF YOUR HEALTH PROBLEM IS URGENT, please dial 911, or proceed directly to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital, or to your closest Urgent Care Center.

Site Address: Visit us every Sunday at the downtown Eugene Park Blocks (8th and Oak) between 12-4pm. We stop taking patients at 3pm so get your name on the list between 11:50am and 1pm to assure your spot “on the bus”.

Mailing address (for check donations):
Occupy Medical
P.O. Box 50354
Eugene, OR 97405

Occupy Medical is an all-volunteer clinic, staffed by cheerful people with busy lives. We are unable to provide immediate responses to the contacts listed above. Voicemail, email, and snail mail are checked a few times a week. If you’d like them checked more frequently, feel free to volunteer.

If you are interested in donating to us, please write your check to Occupy Medical and send it to the address listed above.  Our clinic exists solely through the support of our community. You may also donate by sending us donations from the wish list which is also located on our site.