Occupy Medical Board Meeting Minutes

Occupy Medical Board Meeting


1717 Centennial Blvd. suite 7



President/Vice President – Donna Grant

Secretary – Debra Harrow (Sue Sierralupe temporarily assisting)

Treasurer – David Williams

At Large – Terra Williams, Sue Sierralupe, Jen McCall, Dr. Willy Foster, Pam Garrison, Brian Chastain, Connor Salisbury, Jesse Etter, Donna Riddle

Not in attendance: Connor Salisbury, Jesse Etter, Donna Riddle, David Williams

Visitors: Dr. Bruce Harrow, Wesley Force, Ernest Lessenger

Donna Grant – facilitator

Sue Sierralupe – note taker


Agenda for the Board:

Board Meeting notes – Sue moved that we approve last board meeting minutes. Donna seconded. All approved. No objections.


Financial Report – $56,881.21 ending balance. So far, we have been taking in about as many donations as we are spending. Sue passed around our bank statements for the the last 3 months. Dr. Willy and Sue discussed her concern about extra fundraising to cover unforeseen expenses. Debra pointed out that fundraising is an excellent focus for an Advisory Council to undertake.


Signature – Donna proposes that we place on the amount of $2,050 limit on checks. Any amount written over that amount would need 2 signatures. Dr. Willy seconded. All approved. No objections.


Grant writer – Jen proposes that we hire a grant writer as private contractor to pay for items we will need. Donna seconded. All approved. No objections.


Strengthens and weaknesses of building – Wesley was unhappy with how few patients due the change in location. Wesley suggested that we start by asking St. Vincent de Paul to offer one of their sprinter vans to move people from the 99 camp to our clinic and back. This could be an expanded to other areas.

Jen brought up the fact that we have only 1 door in suite 4. People cluster in areas around the bathroom and supply table. If there is an argument, it could become an larger problem. Appointments could help with that. Ernest was concerned about the bottleneck and agreed with Jen that we should reinforce the rule of no loitering so that all visitors get a chance to have access to supplies.

Debra noted that having 2 buildings with only one peacekeeper is a possible issue. We need more peacekeepers. So far we are relying on Connor and Charles. They are both highly effective but having an extra couple of peacekeepers will give them more wiggle room in their schedules so we don’t burn them out or, as the weather gets colder, freeze them.

Sue likes having the pouring room on site as treatment has better access to our supplies. Having a full stock means better access to formulas and when we run of an item, it is because we are completely out, not just out of the item at our site.


Goals and future plans – Driving income for fundraisers and grants. The dental van grant was approved. Ernest suggested we put the dental van in the West parking lot. We could arrange appointments.


Bus issue – Jen proposed that we get rid of the bus and replace it with a sprinter van. Debra seconded. All approved. No objections.


Number of patients – An average of 20-30 patients max. Jeanne is a new volunteer who is a medically certified Spanish interrupter. She wants to add a Spanish page to website. Let’s order new cards in both Spanish and English. We should have an Open House at 5pm on a weekday.


Donations – We keep track of food donations and monetary donations. The food donations are tracked on FFLC forms. The monetary donations are tracked  via bank deposit slips and a log that is kept in intake.


EHR – We already had a chance to review the Athena EHR contract. Ernest did the research for this by reviewing a range of options. The open source EMRs are free but you have to pay for hosting and maintenance. It isn’t integrated. Athena is our best option for integrated. SMS and email notifications. Integrations with labs and dot notes. Fully web enabled. Designed to work on a tablet with a keyboard. You can supplement with a text field or drop downs. They own Epocrates which is a drug interaction site. This is available for free for non profits that do not bill. The servers are Athenas. The data remains in the patient’s ownership.

The downside is that they push the health network. This why they have the charitable offer for us. Administrative overhead is going to require that we have policies in place for inter-clinic communication such as with White Bird, etc… It is up to us to follow US law. This is geared for clinics that are staffing less than 15 providers.

Wesley asked if we could get a grant for the hardware. Ernest thinks that if we were asking for used tablets, we could fairly easily get a grant for this. Ernest showed us a 5 minute demo.

Sue proposes that we assign a subgroup within the board that is empowered to make the decision on which whether we approve the Athena EHR.

Ernest will add the PowerPoint EHR.


Appointments – If we make appointments, we would need more providers. Brian suggested that we start by adding appointments with the wound care team. Sue suggested that intake and wound care get together to facilitate that pilot project. Pam agreed to bring this to her wound care team. She expressed concern about having enough nurses skilled in foot care and diabetic ulcer as that is the majority of our wounds.


Advisory Council – We need an Advisory Council and they need to be invited by letter. Fundraising, program development, legal issues, conflict resolution, Financial management, liaison for city council, medical advisor, university liaison … to name a few. The Advisory Council would convene twice a year.

Occupy Medical Board Meeting 4/27/18

Occupy Medical Board Meeting


Lane County Medical Society

990 W. 7th Ave. Eugene, Oregon



President/Vice President – Donna Grant

Secretary – Debra Harrow (attended via Skype)

Treasurer – David Williams

At Large – Terra Williams, Sue Sierralupe, Donna Riddle, Jen McCall, David Knowlton (not in attendance)

Also in attendance: David Erickson, Dr. Willy Foster, Pam Garrison, Connor Salisbury, Jesse Etter, Brian Chastain

Dr. Willy Foster – facilitator

Sue Sierralupe – note taker


Topics for the Board:

Board Meeting notes – Sue moved that we approve last board meeting minutes. Donna seconded. All approved. No objections.


David Knowlton’s resignation – Donna G. moved to approve David Knowlton’s resignation from the board. Donna R. seconded. All approved. No objections.


Elections – Connor Salisbury, Pam Garrison, Dr. Willy Foster submitted interest as board membership as at-large board members.

Donna G. moved to approve Connor Salisbury’s election to the board as an at-large board member. Donna R. seconded. All approved. No objections.

Donna G. moved to approve Pam Garrison’s election to the board as an at-large board member. Donna R. seconded. All approved. No objections.

Donna G. moved to approve Dr. Willy Foster’s election to the board as an at-large board member. Donna R. seconded. All approved. No objections.


Advisory Council – Sue suggested that we have an advisory board as a board of reference. She would like to see a lawyer, a medical expert and an accountant on this board. David Erikson is interested in serving on this council. The council should be member approved.  Dr. Willy moved that we start an advisory council. Terra seconded. All approved. No objections.


Student board reps – The idea of the student board representatives was the fact that we have so many student volunteers, we need them to be represented. Dr. Willy moved that we open the board to a minimum of 2 student representatives to serve a minimum of 1 year and that these positions will include broad spectrum Occupy Medical organizational training among others. The student representatives primary responsibility on the board is learning the rules of board membership and the broad spectrum management of Occupy Medical. Donna G seconded. All approved. No objections.


Student board representative candidates – Jesse Etter and Brian Chastain submitted interest as student representative to the board.

Donna R. moved to approve Jesse Etter’s election to the board as a student board member. Terra seconded. All approved. No objections.Terra seconded.

Donna R. moved to approve Brian Chastain’s election to the board as a student board member. Terra seconded. All approved. No objections.


Location options – Sue is in dialogue with Kris McCalister of Compassion Center to use the back of his clinic in Springfield that he is buying. Donna suggests both the county owned Butterfly lot and parking lot of the old EWEB building as options. All agree that the dirt, lack of water and lack of electricity at Washington Jefferson Park is an issue that is difficult to overcome for our placement. Sue has also spoken with Roxann at St. Vincent de Paul Lindholm Station about sharing space there. We need to wait until the parking lot is finished. Jen saw the SVDP space as an asset as we have so many visitors that are from that area. Bus access is good at all areas. Any transition will need a 1 month grace period to inform the public and our permit and bathroom rental supervisors.


Financials – Our Treasurer, David Williams, reported that we were doing much better this year than last year. Food for Lane County donations have reduced our spending considerably and financial donations have increased. Our 990 is finished after a short delay. David would like to attend trainings on how to be a more effective treasurer. Donna G had copies of our bank account transactions for 2017. She had reviewed separately from David W and found no irreularities. She confirmed David W’s report. Other board members looked through the bank statements for confirmation. An Advisory Council meeting with an accountant would be a boon to us all. Both Sue and Dr. Willy know retired accountants that may be interested in assisting as Advisory Board applicants.


2017 review – Sue passed out her 2017 Year in Review Report. See attachment. Printed copies are available for perusa. Sue will put an electronic version on the website.


Future plans – Debra proposed that we use our upcoming retreat to brain storm on future plans. We have had great success in past retreats at future plan making as we had much more time for brain storming and discussing. See discussion below for information on the retreat below.


Narcan – Pam pointed out that Elliott Gray, who taught the last Triage training in April 2018, included Nracan training. Pam would like to get Narcan donated and as many staff trained in its use as possible. It can be stored on the bus in the prescriber area. Pam moved that we obtain a donation of Narcan and offer training for staff to use it. Donna R seconded. All approved. No objections.


Retreat – We missed our retreat last year due to the move from 509. We need to begin scouting locations for a retreat this year. More HIPAA training can be covered there.


Descalation training – Connor noted that we need more peacekeepers and thus more de escalation training. All volunteers needs deescalation training. One could argue that all citizens need deescaltion training.


Trello – Connor has set up project management program which serves a a virtual cork board for volunteers to post and view projects that OM should or could attend to. This will serve to encourage more involvement from the rest of the volunteers and take pressure off those that tend to put in the lion’s share of hours. Slack is an instant message system that can be installed on phones making it easier to communicate to all volunteers at clinic rather than messaging individually or physically finding them for in-clinic messages. Connor moved that we adopt the Trello and Slack communication systems at Occupy Medical. Terra seconded. All approved. No objections.


Quarterly Board Meeting dates – David W suggested that our winter quarterly board meeting be in February before taxes are due. Donna G moved to end the board meeting and reconvene for our next quarterly board meeting in July after the Country Fair. Sue seconded. All approved. No objections.