Sunday Clinic 3/25/18

37 patients today!!!

Chilly day with a bit of rain. We had a great set-up crew and had about 40 people lined up at noon when we began food, drinks and hygiene supplies service.

We were surprised today by one of our wonderful volunteers who performed a perfect haircut on a visitor. Haircuts are alway very popular!

I finally captured an image of our Burrito Brigade Superhero swooping in with a cooler full of warm, delicious burritos.

We had many folks receive tours today including a Rock Star of the Herbalist Medicine world, a potential Volunteer who is a mental health expert, a grant maker who urged us to apply for funding, and several others.

Homeless Hounds brought joy to all the good dogs and cats, and Carry it Forward dropped off about 10 totes full of nice clothes and shoes.

Super interesting day under the bridge today. Lots of great people visited us, we had an incredible crew of Volunteers, and a huge crowd was successfully served.

The bus (above) packed up and heading for the barn.

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