Sunday Clinic 3/18/18

Very pleasant day under the bridge. The sun came out about 10am and stayed out.

Our crowd gathered early today and was a good one. Folks just seemed really happy and grateful for a break in the rain.

We served up sandwiches, Burrito Brigade burritos, granola, hard boiled eggs, coffee, juice, and lots of treats. Demand for Hospitality goods was high, and our visitors pretty much cleaned us out of socks, gloves, warm hats, clothes, and most other personal care items.

We had a bit of excitement when two police cars arrived. Someone had stolen a tent from REI and it was reported that the evildoer was amongst us. They poked around a bit and left empty handed. The police were pleasant to all and very professional.

Very big day for medical care today with a grand total of 31 patients served. Cahoots dropped off two patients, one who was seeking our herbal medicine and another who desperately needed foot care.

Our 4 legged visitors were seen by our Homeless Hounds Volunteer. They got new leashes, health exams, water bowls, toys, food, and a whole lot of attention. Our counselor was also very busy with an endless stream of folks wanting to talk.

Great day in the park under the bridge, huge thanks to all our magnificent Volunteers who make it all possible.

The picture above is 3 months after front leg amputation due to a large cancerous growth. This pup was full of life, friendly as could be, and ready to play.

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