Sunday Clinic 3/11/18

Amazing weather today under the bridge. The sun was out and people were smiling. Dogs were happy. Just beautiful!

Big food service today with sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, coffee, juice, chips, in-shell peanuts, many types of cookies, crackers, and little boxes of fancy chocolates. Thank you Food for Lane County!

The >>Burrito Brigade<< burritos were delicious as always, with a mad scramble for them when they arrived via special courier.

28 patients were seen; enough that one of our Wound Care Team folks was pressed into service with the Triage Team. Many bags and bottles of specifically prescribed Herbal Medicine and vitamins were sent off with grateful folks. Many donations came in from generous people, but more are always needed!

Our Volunteer who does Homeless Hounds stopped by and looked in on the health and happinesss of many dogs today. The dogs generally seemed a lot happier in the sunshine and warmer weather. Another of our Volunteers, who recently received a large grant to specialize in clothing the homeless, dropped off a huge array of clothing and jackets!

Was a bit like a day at the beach, with lots of sunbathing on the periphery of the Clinic. Huge thanks to all of our great Volunteers & Donors who make it all possible!

Best of all? Everything we did today was 100% FREE. The way basic Health Care should be. For EVERYONE. ALWAYS.

Little known secret… The majority of our patients and visitors are from the immediate neighborhood, who are housed, like the Occupy Medical offering, and enjoy recieving our services.

We serve everyone with the exact same professionalism, whether they arrive in a fancy car or pushing a shopping cart with all their worldly possessions.

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