OM Meeting Minutes 09-25-2013

Attendees – Sofia, Tuck, Jen, Jessica, Scott, Andrea, Bill, Leigh, Ali, Elliott, Travis, Jerry, Connor, Cindy, Michael, Ben, Karen, David, Jason, Donna R. Martin, Terra, Martin, Sue, T, Bruce, Debra, Vickie

Minutes approval – Minutes approved

Volunteer Training – Ben and Bill are putting together a training at the Unitarian Church. The time is not yet set. Gender issues, sexuality issues and basic HIPAA (etc) training. Dr. Leigh offered to help

Supply ordering system – Karen asked about supplies

Agenda items – Bill suggested that items on the website move to the front of the list, Terra brought up the fact that not every one is on the website yet so it is not a fair system. Tuck suggested a whiteboard to write the agenda items and the group can priotizes the time spent on each time. The group consensed that we should start using a whiteboard at our Wednesday meetings.

procedure for handling issues of volunteer conduct – We discussed the latest edition of the volunteer conduct policy. We need to keep our priorities on the work that we are doing not on the details of the policies. We consensed that we accept this policy. It is a living document that can be amended as the group sees fit.

OM’s political message – Dr. David said that with the damaged state of America’s healthcare system, OM is leading by example to show the world what we believe what healthcare can look like. Healthcare can be for all citizens and available on the terms that the patient chooses.
Sub committee to work on 501c3 – Jerry, Michael, CIndy, T, Connor, Ali, Martin, Karen, Sue Bill proposed that the 1st thing that the group does is report what they think is a reasonable deadline to finish the paperwork.

Training Update

501c3 Discussion

Food Handler @ Hospitality – Food Handler’s card ($10) and available on line. We have hand washing sink on the bus. We need to have the tank filled.

Candygram vs Google groups – Terra said that we have folks that are still using google groups. We need to stop using it. We need to take down the google groups. Terra would like to see new content from all OM members for the website. Photos are also needed.

Moral officer – Ambrose is offically the new moral officer.

Who’s driving the bus – Andrea

Social work team update – wheelchair project is a success. Cindy would like a social work forum. Social work is huge. Currently, errant information is amended in the file.

Statement on sexual harassment – All touch needs to be consensual touch. Appearance comments are best to avoid in this line of work.

Interpreter report and questions – Thus far people like having the med aide also being an interpreter. Tuck suggested that patients needing interpretors be expedited.

water to wash hands on the bus

Noah needs help

Network Charter School- request to host clinic to help their staff.

St. Vincent de Paul – warehouse is available to store items from OM

Tent drying – We still have access to OEV until November for tent drying. We need a group of people to help this project.

Parking lot – training, new business cards. progressive disciplinary policy, 501c3 paperwork, board member group rules, What do we see most?