Clinic 2/4/18

Beautiful day under the bridge today, that quickly turned into t-shirt weather. The crowd was lighter than normal, as a lot of our clients were probably glued to the Super Bowl game somewhere. The ratio of visitors and patients to volunteers was great, allowing spirited conversations and fun for all.

The picture above is of a visitor we have not seen for many months. The proscribed treatment was a long and vigorous dust bath which was joyously taken.

Our two doctors saw a lot of patients for the amount of overall visitors, wound care was well staffed and very busy, Herbal Medicine kept busy all day too.  The final patient count for the day was 34!

Our Hospitality staff kept the coffee and drinks flowing, and turned out endless plates of sandwiches, which were later joined by a large cooler full of delicious Burrito Brigade burritos. Lots of snacks and other goodies were served up as well. Once again, socks were probably most popular, with a large amount of clothing and shoes provided by Carry It Forward.

Homeless Hounds showed up and cared for the four legged friends, which were many.

We had a large crew of volunteers, a few who hadn’t yet been to our new location, and some very interesting potential volunteers who were given a full tour of operations.

The overall atmosphere was a like a big party, with everyone having a great time and making a lot of new friends.


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