Clinic 01/28/18

Today’s clinic found us in wonderful spring-like weather, warm and dry, with a very large number of visitors and patients. We started off with a bang, having perhaps 60 people waiting for Healthcare, food, drinks, clothes, personal items, flu shots, counseling, and Herbal Medicine.

Our doctor was going nonstop, triage never seemed to get a break, and the 3 wound care volunteers were also very busy.  By the end of the day we had seen a total of 30 patients.

Our food service folks put out 500 sandwiches, 7 gallons of a delicious pasta with big flakes of Parmesan cheese, and enough coffee and other drinks to float a battleship.

The Burrito Brigade brought a big cooler full of marvelous burritos for the crowd, and the Catholic Worker folks dropped off a big donation as well. THANK YOU BOTH!!

The picture is of our Hospitality Lead carefully listening to the needs of one of our star patients, the Wonder Dog who got a reprieve from a large tumor and is continuing on with a very happy life and a loving owner.

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