BLS for Healthcare Professionals

Thank you, Brian!

This Saturday, July 19, 2019, certified BLS trainer Brian Seymour volunteered his time and energy to offer a class to Occupy Medical volunteers so we could update our Basic Life Saving for Heathcare Professionals cards. He only charged enough to cover the cost of the card that the American Heart Association requires. This turned into a significant savings for our brave volunteers.

This 4 hour class was taught at our site at 1717 Centennial Blvd. which was only possible due to our occupation in a building. So many other opportunities are now available to us with this building. We are forever grateful. The cost of rent is making a significant dent in our monetary resources. If you want to help us do more for our community, consider donating to Occupy Medical to support both volunteer training and rent.

Brian Seymour AKA Our Noble Leader
I named him Abner
Monica masters the mask seal.

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