Sunday Clinic 2/11/2018

The day started cold, with a light rain, and a bit windy. We were well prepared, had a great set up crew, and our pre-clinic work went smoothly. Clinic opened right on time at noon, with a lot of folks ready to take advantage of our services.

We had a big need for Healthcare today, with 33 patients. Our doctor was going non-stop all day, and once things got rolling, Wound Care was very busy too. A dog fight added another 2 human patients. One of the owners was bitten on both thumbs, so we patched him up, as well as the bite on his dog.

Large amounts of Herbal Medicine were prescribed and sent away with folks today. We try to give folks Herbal Medicine whenever possible, because it is much safer than pharmaceuticals, and has less side effects. For the unhoused, it is a much safer alternative being as anyone carrying pharmaceutical meds is a target for thieves.

Hospitality fed maybe 50 folks with about 160 sandwiches, Burrito Brigade burritos, and a load of yummy pastries, cakes, and breads dropped off by some wonderful folks during clinic.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, reading glasses, socks, and other items went quickly, as well as a lot of clothes.

A car pulled up around 2pm, and a woman jumped out and donated several sleeping bags, and a huge armload of winter coats. She said her family was moving to Costa Rica soon, so wouldn’t need them anymore. It was a huge deal for many of our visitors who desperately needed warm clothing.

Homeless Hounds came and gave some special attention to a lot of the four legged friends.

BELOW is a work of art one of our unhoused visitors shared with us today. He loves to make and share art, but he said it is hard for him, as his art works often get soaked with rain, or stolen.

It was another great day under the bridge with fantastic volunteers and very grateful patients and visitors!

Occupy Medical serves at Teen Crisis Center

Occupy Medical held a Free Clinic on February 6, 2018 at Looking Glass in Eugene.

An Occupy Medical Team consisting of a Doctor, Herbalist, Intake Specialist, Support Services Specialist, and the OM President of the Board, held a clinic today from 3 PM to 6 PM.

We served 7 patients.

Looking Glass provides comprehensive services to teens in crisis.

Clinic 2/4/18

Beautiful day under the bridge today, that quickly turned into t-shirt weather. The crowd was lighter than normal, as a lot of our clients were probably glued to the Super Bowl game somewhere. The ratio of visitors and patients to volunteers was great, allowing spirited conversations and fun for all.

The picture above is of a visitor we have not seen for many months. The proscribed treatment was a long and vigorous dust bath which was joyously taken.

Our two doctors saw a lot of patients for the amount of overall visitors, wound care was well staffed and very busy, Herbal Medicine kept busy all day too.  The final patient count for the day was 34!

Our Hospitality staff kept the coffee and drinks flowing, and turned out endless plates of sandwiches, which were later joined by a large cooler full of delicious Burrito Brigade burritos. Lots of snacks and other goodies were served up as well. Once again, socks were probably most popular, with a large amount of clothing and shoes provided by Carry It Forward.

Homeless Hounds showed up and cared for the four legged friends, which were many.

We had a large crew of volunteers, a few who hadn’t yet been to our new location, and some very interesting potential volunteers who were given a full tour of operations.

The overall atmosphere was a like a big party, with everyone having a great time and making a lot of new friends.


Clinic 01/28/18

Today’s clinic found us in wonderful spring-like weather, warm and dry, with a very large number of visitors and patients. We started off with a bang, having perhaps 60 people waiting for Healthcare, food, drinks, clothes, personal items, flu shots, counseling, and Herbal Medicine.

Our doctor was going nonstop, triage never seemed to get a break, and the 3 wound care volunteers were also very busy.  By the end of the day we had seen a total of 30 patients.

Our food service folks put out 500 sandwiches, 7 gallons of a delicious pasta with big flakes of Parmesan cheese, and enough coffee and other drinks to float a battleship.

The Burrito Brigade brought a big cooler full of marvelous burritos for the crowd, and the Catholic Worker folks dropped off a big donation as well. THANK YOU BOTH!!

The picture is of our Hospitality Lead carefully listening to the needs of one of our star patients, the Wonder Dog who got a reprieve from a large tumor and is continuing on with a very happy life and a loving owner.

Emerald Village Needs Families

Photo from the Register Gaurd

Emerald Village in Eugene is a village of 22 tiny houses that is ready to start receiving folks who are now, or are in danger of becoming homeless.

Emerald Village must have a certain percentage of the tiny houses occupied by families. They have lots of applications from single folks, but very few from families.

Please let any family in a housing crisis know of this situation and have them print and fill out a form to apply.

Sunday Clinic 01/21/2018

Occupy Medical served 26 patients, 200 sandwiches, buckets of coffee and other drinks, lots of snacks, and about a hundred Burrito Brigade burritos. Wound care and our Herbalists were busy all day, as was our doctor. Socks and hand warmers were very popular, as well as a wide arrray of other personal items. We started out a bit short handed, but the volunteers just kept arriving, so we had a fantastic crew by the time things got really busy. The weather started off fairly warm, but wet with gusty winds, settling down to a steady rain by the end of Clinic. We all remained dry though, thanks to the great shelter provided by the freeway overpass. Overall everything went very smoothly and our patients and visitors had a great experience.

Roseburg Clinic

The Demonstration clinic in Roseburg went extremely well. We saw 14 patients, and our Herbalist sent a large quantity of herbal medicines and vitamins off with smiling patients. The local newspaper reporter did interviews with a photographer snapping pics. Two drivers stopped in the intersection to yell across at us how they loved what we were doing, and several passerby expressed similar sentiments. It was a very positive experience for all involved. The weather was much nicer than last months clinic, with warm and dry conditions.

Training for Activists, free

Civil Liberties Defense Center training for activists January 27th in Eugene.

This event is from 1pm to 5pm at the University of Oregon, building Willamette 100. Event is FREE.

link to the event:

Clinic 01/14/2018

We had a very busy day with nice weather and lots of wonderful volunteers. Our medical staff helped 28 patients, while Hospitality served 235 sandwiches, 288 servings of pasta and kept the hot coffee coming all day. The wonderful folks at Burrito Brigade dropped off about 200 amazing vegan burritos that always get snapped up quickly.