OM bus 2013We at Occupy Medical are a group of dedicated health care professionals and support personnel who believe healthcare is a basic human right that must be made accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Since the first Occupy Eugene encampment, Occupy Medical has evolved from a loosely knit association of volunteers providing first aid in the camps into a cohesive team of primary care practitioners delivering no cost, high quality medical services to the Eugene-Springfield community at large. Our current goal is to continue directly addressing the need for access to medical care by offering free medical clinics to all in need throughout Lane County, and hopefully, beyond. We have concluded that the most effective means to reach those who need our services is to create a mobile medical clinic that provides primary care in the towns and cities where the need exists, at a convenient time, and manner appropriate for the populations served.


You can find Occupy Medical at the east park block on 8th and Oak every Sunday, rain or shine. We start taking names at 11:45am until 3:00pm.


  • 2016 Annual Membership Meeting this February 24th! See more details…
  • “Unfortunately, accessing resources with a pet in this area is quite difficult. No shelters allow pets, they are not allowed in overnight safe park spots, on buses, etc.” Hounds and Homeless stop by Occupy Medical to provide care to the pets at the park blocks.
  • Occupy Medical is honored at the International Human Rights Day Celebration!
  • A surprise donation arrives all the way from the east coast! Thank you, Sea Willow Herbs!
  • The Gift “…I knew that one of the donors had experienced homelessness as a youth. It occured to us that this meant that these were items selected through hard wrought compassion. The donors were all currently housed but hardly what could be called wealthy. It was a gift of the heart indeed…”